He said, “It is finished.” And that is where my story began. I’m Liz. I’m just your average 20 year old stoked to be able to share the beauty of the world through anything and everything. God has gifted me with “an abundance of blessings” and I enjoy writing about them. I believe God has called me to share His love with everyone and be a light to the darkness that resides in others’ life. Within these posts, you’ll see glimpses of my heart, and I hope my words can provide you with encouragement and comfort.

I am studying Psychology and Behavior Science hoping to become a Social Worker to fight the injustice of modern day slavery. I enjoy simple things like laughter, coffee shops, books, and hugs. I also have an obsession with floral dresses, live music, lattes, and deep conversations. I published a collection of my personal poetry and if you want to be even more awesome, you can purchase it here.

I pray that everything I type out onto these blank screens can somehow reach deep into your heart. I pray that you believe you are loved greatly by a Man who died to have a relationship with you. I pray that you can walk down the street and radiate this Man’s love. I pray that you trust this Man enough to give Him the desires of your heart and do His will. I pray that you grow confident in the fact you can do anything this Man has called you to do. And I pray that all the glory goes back to Him.


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